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08/21/20 04:30 PM #1    

Joan Bernard (Jones)

Rest In Peace Norma

08/22/20 01:53 PM #2    

A. J. Ream

So sorry to hear the sad news.....our thots & prayers to the family

Barb & AJ Ream

06/20/21 07:42 AM #3    

Paul Anderson

Happy Birthday, DeLos

03/09/22 09:33 AM #4    

Robert Cooper

Thanks all for the Birthday greetings. I think i am doing OK. Told Darlene she needed to embrace her mistakes and she gave me a hug.
Bob Cooper

03/09/22 03:16 PM #5    

Janice Myer (Roberts McLaughlin)

Hope you had a grear day and will have a super year!  Jan Myer Mcaughlin

05/14/23 07:26 PM #6    

Paul Anderson

Happy Birthday, Charlie  Hope your day was sprcial.

09/25/23 11:19 AM #7    

Janice Myer (Roberts McLaughlin)

To David Dickerson,

Hard to believe we are getting close to 90ty!!  It has been an amazing life and still is!! 

My husband is 92 and still doing OK.  We both are sowing down but happy in our little villa here in Scotsdale within a Retirement Development. 

We reaad alot and watch Football, tennis and Basketball on TV.  I walk every day and still drive.

I wish you a wonderdul Birthday and a special year ahead..  Sincerely, Jan Myer McLaughlin






09/25/23 01:43 PM #8    


Darol Kaufmann

Hope your birthday is happy and sunny.  Cold and gloomy here in northern Wisconsin.  My card  should be

there by now or on its way.  I want you to know that you can "bug" me anytime.  We were five-year olds

when we met at good old Woodbury....what a long time ago.  




09/26/23 09:33 AM #9    


Richard Baltisberger

I will reach the age of ninety in about two years, and I have one message to the class of 1953---EXERCISE.  My father (Harvey) and one brother (Jim) both died from complications of Alzheimer’s disease at the ages of 86 and 93 after both their wives died several years earlier. My oldest brother Bill died from fall at age 95 in his kitchen hitting his head on a counter  corner top.  Harvey and Jim both became inactive in old age. Bill continued working on the farms he managed until his death as well as visiting veterans in the Soldier’s home in Marshalltown.  His wife also died earlier.

My wife died from complications due to Parkinson's disease in January 2022.  During 2020 I decided to save my back and that of the professional care givers was to start using a Hoyer lifting device.  However, my blood sugar started to elevate eventually into the 5.7% A1C level, which is the dividing line between normal and prediabetic blood sugar levels.  At this time, I have started an expanded exercise program including a two mile walk each day(I have done this for over 60 years) and added weightlifting programs to substitute for the lifting of my wife. My wife got me started in walking and other exercises when we first met.  It delayed the onset of Parkinson’s in her case. I am sure these exercises will help my blood sugar but may be effective in delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s.  Because the activity of Bill I believe there is a chance that exercise will delay the possibility of Alzheimer’s.   I will try to keep the class informed each year in this endeavor.  EXERCISE EXERCISE.

11/07/23 08:11 PM #10    


Darol Kaufmann

Paul, I'm not certan sending you this message through the Message Forum format is what you need.

Let me know and I will try something else.


11/09/23 10:43 AM #11    


Darol Kaufmann

Paul have you changed your email address?  I"ve tried twice today and both times the email was rejected.

03/14/24 11:40 AM #12    

Janice Myer (Roberts McLaughlin)

Happy belated B-day.  Ninety is now looking us in the eye!!  WOW...I never thought I'd make it this long.

Have a great 2024 too!!  My best to you/Jan

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