70th Class Reunion

  • Having inherited the responsibility of being your web site administrator (that job that Jack Farr held for so many years and did such a wonderful favor for all of us); and since we agreed to not have additional class reunions; and since this is our 70th reunion year; may I suggest each of us, if willing, post a synopsis of our lives since graduation to share with the  class.  Just go to the bottom of this page and add your story..  Unfortunately, the web site does not permit everyone to see the responses.  So, I shall copy and paste your story into an email for everyone in the class and send to everyone.

My story 

After high school graduation, I attended Marshalltown Junior College for one year, then transferred to Drake University to pursue a career in actuarial science.  I soon realized that I did not desire to continue that course; so, after my first two years in business, I decided I was more interested in science and medicine.  Therefore, I transferred to the University of Iowa; managed to fit three years of premed into two years. Graduated from med school in 1961, spent four years with the US Public Health Service, then four years in my surgical residency at Scott & White Hospital and Clinic in Temple, Texas. 

I have told some that I did everything in fours: 4 years in high school, 4 years in college, 4 years in Public Health, 4 years in surgical residency, 4 children, 4 wives.  Wuups; one too many. Only one wife. 

Some of you may remember Dr. Reading in Marshalltown.  In 1970 I scrubbed in with him on a case he was doing while I was visiting and discussed my coming to Marshalltown to practice. However, Dr Hochmuth {if I remember correctly} had been in their office and was doing payback time with the service.  He  was to return that summer.  So, they were not looking to add to their staff.  After committing to join a practice in Fort Smith, Arkansas; less than one month before our move, Dr. Reading call to say that Dr. Hochmuth had decided to join a group in Iowa City; was not coming back to Marshalltown; and, would I.  A very difficult decision as we had multiple reasons to return to home, but also for multiple reasons, Fort Smith won my decision.  As most of us do, I sometimes look back and say, “what if”.  Of course, there is no answer. 

My wife, Grace, died in 2017 from Lewe body disease, our second son’s wife died in 2018 of a massive brain hemorrhage, and our second son died in 2019 of a heart attack (the family believe he died of a broken heart after his mother and wife’s deaths). 

I am now retired, still in Fort Smith, living and doing my own cooking, etc., sometimes lonely, and waiting for where the Lord  directs me next. Hopefully, to have me join my wife in eternity. 

Paul M. Anderson, MD, FACS 

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1)   Will you tell us your story?

Since we are all mostly confined to home and unable to get together for our 79th Class Reunion, may I suggest that each of us take time to write a summary of your life since graduation and share that with the class.
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