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Larry Perry

Larry Perry

Hello, this is Dave Stover and I want to share information obtained from Hodges Funeral Home in Ft. Myers, Florida at Lee Memorial Park. Larry's full name is Lawrence Karl Perry and his last day on this good earth was March 30, 2016. Under their obituary section here are two letters they post. One from Duane Clizbe and the other from a daughter Darla Perry.

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06/07/18 09:28 AM #1    

Anne Booth (Zink)

I can also say Larry was my good friend thru out our HS yrs. He was kind thoughtful and a fun guy (crazy car) to date. My now husband Phil was dating a woman at SUI when I met him at ISU. He never asked me out on wkends. At T-giving time fall ‘55 a “bunch” of us gathered at Bob Wolfe’s.. I was talking to Larry asking about his  social life. He couldn’t get a date with Jody on wkends. We discovered Phil was driving to IA City to go out with Jody.. that answered both our questions! Wonderful fun memories of Larry. Good to read comments from his daughter.

06/07/18 03:57 PM #2    

James "Phil" Pattie

I've had the honor of knowing Larry as a neighbor and classmate from the time we started school at Aaron Palmer Elementary in 1940.   We were out of touch for most of our adult years but I did see him on occasion after we retired.  He remained the same good friend throughout.  

I  remember a couple of Larry's accomplishments, things that set him apart.  He was active in all sports through our school years but perhaps track was where excelled most.   As a high school runner he ran the 100 yard dash in 9.8 seconds in 1953.   The world record at the time was 9.4 seconds.  This might be a moment where you should blink your eyes and consider that feat.   In the school band, he held down the number 1 chair in the cornet section.  

In senior high I would often walk over to Larry's home and we would ride to school together in his 1929 Model A.   We were often late and one day I was sent to the principals office for being tardy.    Ray Nyhan was the principals "enforcer" as I recall and he said to me, " You ride to school with Perry don't you?"   I replied that I did and Mr. N told me to get out of his office and go to class.    Larry earned respect at an early age.   

Rest well old friend,   Phil Pattie 



06/08/18 11:48 AM #3    

Richard Baltisberger

I recall the 1953 Conference Track meet.  Larry ran the 100 in 9.9 seconds. I was second in the team in the two mile relay.  Dave Byers ran a 2:07 half mile as the the first leg and passed the baton to me.  After those two performances, I had to do something a little better than normal.  i went around the track once was got into second place behind someone from Ames. I thought for a while that I could equal Daves run, but about half way around the second lap I began to feel almost dead.  It seemed like about four guys passed me before I got to the end.  Some how I kept running and passed the baton off to PG Norris.  I ran a 2:13 half which was my best time of the year.  I pulled up in the MHS tent and laid there was about 20 minutes before I could get up and walk around

06/17/18 04:31 AM #4    

David Stover

From Marilyn Smit Shaw (edited by Dave S.)

I first knew Larry when we moved to Marshalltown at the age of eight.  I attended Aaron Palmer for the month of May in third grade.  Larry was in that class.  He attended  summer Bible School at our church. I wouldn't have remembered this, but my Dad had movie pictures of the kids in their classes and Larry was there.  He also attended Sunday School, worship services and BYF.  I never knew his parents, but his aunt and uncle were members of our church.  

Mary Russie lived between our house and Larry's house.  One evening we were playing "spin the bottle" and I went into panic mode because I was supposed to kiss Larry,  Just then the clock on the court house chimed out the hour and I jumped up and said "I'm supposed to be home by 8 o'clock, I've got to go" and ran home. That was a lie, but I never told them.  

Our youth sponsors took Larry, Duane Clizbe, Beverly Dudek and me to Des Moines to a youth gathering to hear Billy Graham...a first for all of us. The four of us were crammed in the back seat.

Larry and Phil Alexander were coaches our junior year for the church league girls basketball at the YWCA.  We won the championship game which was a double overtime.  At the last time out I told our team that my Dad was resigning that night and we'd be moving to Minnesota.  I prayed that if God would let us win, I would move to St. Paul without complaint. We won!  

We had several good discussions about how we look at life and stayed in touch until I married Bob.  He (Larry) gave us a copper bottom pan for our wedding.  I still think of him when I use it.  We never dated, just really good friends.  I'm hoping to see him again in heaven.

(Added later) I forgot to mention that when we were in grade school, Larry dropped off a May basket at our house, rang the doorbell and ran away.  My Mother just happened to see him through the window.  He was long gone by the time I got to the door.


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