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•   David Stover  3/18
•   Anne Booth (Zink)  3/18
•   Bev Wilcox/Switzer (Collins)  3/13
•   Norma Turner (Speer)  3/13
•   Howard Brown  3/10
•   Robert Wyant  2/2
•   Paul Anderson  2/2
•   Marilyn Lokensgard (Martinson)  2/1
•   Corinne (Corky) Allbee (Scott)  1/12
•   James "Phil" Pattie  10/8
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B:   48   Not Joined

Our 65th Reunion of the Marshalltown High School Class of 1953 is set for September 29, 2018.  

The details of our gathering are being worked on at the present time.  Phil Pattie is in touch with the site that used to be the Old Thunderbird restaurant where previous Marshalltown class reunions have gathered. A deposit is holding space for us.

Some of you might be aware that a relatively new event called OKTEMBERFEST is scheduled this same day. That's why we picked this date. There will be more to do and experience, with luck and the creek don't rise than at previous reunions. Should be a good time.

The OKTEMBERFEST organizing committee is working on those events. Parade, free goodies, retail outlets with sales, displays of vintage automobiles, fireworks, chariot races, who knows what. 

Already some of you have encountered limited space availability at motels, and we are getting that covered. Hampton Inn and Suites (Hilton) and Best Western Regency at the corner of Hwy 14 and 30 have space available and I have blocked ten rooms (two queen beds each) between the two. Go online, search their names with Marshalltown included, catch the pictures and then contact me ( Comfort Inn has rooms also.

Saturday there may be great festivities. Casual dress will work for any of our functions.  Feel free to contact Dave Stover (303-797-2475) cell (303-808-8722) or James Philip Pattie (480-641-9978) with questions.

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Enjoy the features like Class of 1953 Reunion photos 50th 55th 60th, for: 50th (2003)-Jack Farr, 55th Memories-Jack Farr, 55th Tremont-Jack Farr, 55th Tremont-Jerry Miller, 60th Tremont-Jim Maxted and Jack Farr, and 60th Mixer-Jack Farr.

The feature 55th by Jim Maxted contains reunion photos that were submitted by Jim. Transformations is just fun with the passing years. Then and Now-Jack Farr took the photos for this intial feature. Post Script Bits, comes from our Class of 1953 Post Script.

Send in your grade school class pictures or old photos (especially group photos with your Classmates) that you wish to share with your classmates. I will post them in the feature Photo & 30th Reunion. Your Classmates will have fun finding themselves, and their friends, in your old photos. Harold Small, Harold “Bud” Lowry, Jody Maxted, Richard Miller, and Darol Kaufmann (30th Reunion photos), all submitted photos for this feature.

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